Santa's Magic Key Christmas Sign - EMP VINYL DESIGNS

Santa's Magic Key Christmas Sign

  • $12.00

This listing is for a cute litte sign that reads "Here you will find Santa's Magic Key You see, our home with without a chimney". This is a wood sign with vinyl lettering on it.

"Worried that you're chimney-less or that your roof's too steep?
That Santa can't get in your place while you are fast asleep?
Well, here's a fun solution: Santa's special magic key...
to open up your door so Dear Old Santa finds your tree."
A fun family tradition for believers of all ages.

Sign measures about 12x5 inches

Vinyl Color: Red & White
Wood Sign: Light Brown
Magic Key: White

As with all hand-crafted items, slight imperfections exist. These variations do not detract from the beauty and/or functionality, however they do add character and charm that cannot be duplicated with items that have been mass produced. You will not be disappointed in the design or construction of these quality pieces.

Ships to the USA only